Canada has consistently been rated one of the best countries to live in and Edmonton ranks as one of the best (we think THE best) in Canada.

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta.  We have population of approximately 700,000 in Metropolitan Edmonton and a total population of 960,000 in the Greater Edmonton Area which includes more than thirty surrounding cities and towns.

Edmonton is one of the largest northern cities in the world.  We are situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.  The River valley which divides our city also gives us thousands of hectares of land in which to golf, cycle, walk, ski and enjoy ourselves!

Edmonton is a major Canadian manufacturing, distribution and transportation centre with services that support the major resource industries of oil and gas, agriculture and forestry. While it was initially very dependent on resource industries the city is now diversifying its economy into medical research, high technology, new media and tourism and its future looks bright. Forecasts predict it will have the strongest growth in the country into the near future. We are also known for our successful neighborhood recycling programs including a composting facility that is one of the largest in North America.