Important Instructions for online Q&A Sabaq:

GENERAL Q&A SABAQ SESSION (open to all) will be held on the following days:

Relevant topics and questions submitted will be dealt in these Asbaaq. The format of the Sabaq will be such that Mumineen will be provided with an anonymous question submission form, through which they can ask for answers, to certain questions or for clarity on certain concepts. Question submission form can be found here: 

Sabaq Questions Submission Form

  • Mumineen are requested to attend Sabaq in a similar ADAB they attend at the Markaz, and in proper Libas-ul-Anwar as well.
  • All Mumineen in the household are requested to partake in the Sabaq together
  • Ensure your mic is muted during the online Sabaq, except when asking questions
  • If you are having issues joining the Sabaq, please contact for assistance