Faiz ul Mawaid il Burhaniyah

Faiz ul Mawaid Burhaniyah is currently served Monday, Thursday and Saturday of every week, as well as the 10th, 16th and 21st of the month. To enroll in the program, please fill out the forms on the left and hand it to one of the members below. After enrollment, all Mumineed should register for Faiz Al Mawaid Burhaniyah at the below registration link through Google Docs.


Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah – a recently started initiative by the Spiritual leader of Dawoodi Bohras His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) and his mansoos Syedi wa Maulaya Aaliqadr Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin(TUS). It was month of Shawwal 1432 when Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah was started.  Infact the thali(tiffin) system was already running in Misr since many years and it was London where it was started in Rajab 1432.
Huzurala (TUS) had a deep concern that no single mumin should go to bed hungry and this is one of the reason for starting this unique service- Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah.
It is the service through which the members of the community gets the food cooked in the one common kitchen of the community. Each mumin should contribute some amount so to get the barakaat of the participation. It is not merely business transaction of buying and selling but it is to include all mumineen in the Barakaat of Aale Mohammad’s SA Maa’edat. Mumin should not think that the niyaz thali(tiffin) he is getting is because of the contribution he had made in it. His contribution is used to feed others, and what is he getting is the barakaat of his contribution. It is asked for the contribution from the mumin only because that mumin should also be getting the sawaab of feeding his mumin brothers & sisters. Rasulullah SA in his ahaadeeth shareefah had said: “There is no deed greater than feeding the hungry”.
There are many benefits of this Faiz. Mumineen residing in the foreign countries may not be able to distinguish the halaal and haram foods, they also may not be able to get halaal food easily; but due Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah every mumin will be getting halaal food. Not only this, but also hygienic food.
In the beginning when it was started many mumins were thinking that is it really possible to cook everyones food together that also daily. But see today almost in all the places where mumineens are residing this service has been started and inshallah each and every mumin would be taking barakaat from this faiz. Mumins would also be aware of the incidents(mojizas) in which people got cure by having this food.
Some of the main benefits of Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah:
Ø  Halaal food
Ø  Hygienic food
Ø  Shifa
Ø  Affordable to financially weak
Ø  …and lots more.
Many people of the other communities also appreciated this move. One of the print media wrote: “It is rare to find a common kitchen of two brothers of a family but Dawoodi Bohras are having a common kitchen for the whole community!”. Another one gave the name “Community Kitchen” to this service.
May each and every mumin takes the barakaat of Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah. May Allah grants a long and healthy life to our spiritual father our maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) and to his mansus Syedi wa Maulaya Aaliqadr Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin(TUS).
Abde Syedna TUS

Husain Kapadia (Khambhat)