Burhani Women's Association

International Burhani Women’s Association

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Al Dai al Fatemi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (tus) is leading the sublime mission of Dawat & the Deen of Islam throughout the world. He guides the mumenin to keep them together in this modern world and also formulates organisations for the welfare and upliftment of all mumenin; men and women.


In 1391 H. (1971 AD), Aqamoula (tus) organized the Burhani Women's Association for the welfare of mumenin women and appointed his Aqeela; al Hurra al Fadela, Khalesat u Naib al Ameer al Mumenin Aai Saheba Amatullah Aaisaheba (QA) as its Chief Patron.


After the sad demise of Aaisaheba, Aqamoula has appointed his daughter Shehzadi Batul baisaheba as its Chief Patron. Today this organization aspires in her patronage to gain Aqamoula’s (tus) blessings.




Under the auspicious guidance of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (tus), the objectives of this association can be broadly defined as follows:-

  • To initiate and participate in activities for the welfare, happiness and betterment of all muminaat women and their children.
  • To help in the upliftment and progress of the community.
  • To encourage muminaat women and their children to live and act in accordance to the Fatemi Culture.
  • To enhance sisterly relationships between all muminaat women; locally and internationally.
  • To inculcate brotherly love between children of the community leading to more co-operation between them.
  • To incite muminaat women towards the above mentioned deeds and formulate schemes organize programes for them.